The story of a city that once connected Palestine to the world.


Cinematic, immersive and provocative Lyd in Exile is a feature documentary about the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine told through the story of the city Lyd (Lod in Hebrew). This film weaves together multiple voices to create a vivid portrait of a splintered community: a displaced Palestinian family yearns for home while trapped in a refugee camp for three generations; Zionist soldiers return to the scene of the massacre and expulsion they committed during the founding of the State of Israel; Jewish settlers re-shape Lyd in their own image; and a young educator fights to preserve Palestinian cultural identity among Lyd’s Arab children.

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Help us to tell this Story!

Help us to tell this Story!

Controversial and unconventional, this film has not been easy to fund. We have managed to get through production on minimal funding and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. After four amazing and challenging years, we now hope to start post-production. We need to raise $40,000 to edit this film. Although we need more than $40,000 to actually finish this film, this goal will greatly further the film’s completion. Editing is the most important part of the documentary process because it is where the story is crafted and finessed. Your investment in this film will help us hire the right editor who will approach this film with storytelling experience, nuance, and creativity.



Sarah Friedland (Director/Cinematographer)

Rami Younis (Director/Producer)

Fivel Rothberg (Producer)

Roger Waters (Executive Producer)

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Images, Clips, and Press Kit

This film is still in progress, but you can get a sneak peak into the process below.


What are people saying about “Lyd In Exile”?

“Media makers have the enormous responsibility of over-riding US control of information about Palestine and the Israeli occupation. Here is another necessary project to reach across the gap.”

– Sarah Schulman Author, Activist and Distinguished Professor

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